How we work

Whole project delivery

Whether its a new implementation or an integration of some drone platform to an existing software, Dronfies Labs has the expertise, professionals and equipment to deliver the entire project, including flight tests and necessary documentation to make your operation compliant with local authorities. We can deliver your entire project end-to-end  on time and on budget leveraging our own drone platform technology Dronfies Framework(©) and expertise.

Dedicated teams

Implies a self-managed development team, with exclusive dedication and different roles including drone developers, testers and project managers who interact with your counterparts, both functional and technical. Is ideal when the client wants to be closer to the project but lacks the necessary expertise in drone technology. Equipment can also be provided, and Dronfies Labs can perform tests.

Staff augmentation

Dronfies Labs staff can help you meet your deadlines, lower your time to market by augmenting your team with shorter lead times, fast ramp-up and niche expertise, following our client’s methodology and prefered tools. Get the benefits of working with an established company’s staff while having very competitive rates. You can have it both ways!

About us

We are a group of engineers and professionals passionate about drones, motivated by the development of this technology and the impact it generates on society.

Dronfies Labs was created in 2017 in the "Ingenio" business incubator and supported by the National Research and Innovation Agency of Uruguay

These almost 3 years of experience have allowed us to help our clients to be able to apply drones in their business processes, understanding their problems and integrating drones as they are: the active end of an IOT system, an automated source of acquisition of data.

As part of our mission, we collaborated with aeronautical authorities and other industry players to enhance their development.
We are the company that obtained the first authorization in Latin America to carry out autonomous flights.

As of January 2019, we are members of the Pyxis ecosystem, a digital transformation agent that brings together more than 250 employees, with different business units and expertise.

Dronfies Labs is in a growth stage, after receiving the support of private and public investors, consolidating its services and platform offer in Latin America and the United States.