Drone operations for industries.

Get your eyes there.

Flight automation and remote management for Infraestructure Inspections, Agriculture and Search and Rescue.

Automatic Flight

Payload integration and  processing in the sky.

Data analysis

Synchronized cloud storage for image management and post-processing

Get all you need to plan your flights from your desktop or setting the instructions precisely while flying. Get the information of the fleet realtime and receive notifications if something gets wrong.

The system is ready to be extended with custom payloads compatible with DJI Drones, and the Manifold on-board computer.

Easy to add trained neuronal networks for onboard processing, TensorFlow lite or backend processing over the live video, photos, and ortomosaics.

System helps you to get your data automatically synced with the cloud and the assets from the drone to the end-user.

Access to the next level

Station Pro is designed to meet the challenges of operating drones with industrial and scale fines. We are the solution for managers who have the responsibility of obtaining results of flying drones that they do not control.

Scale up your drone operations

The pilot works, but now it is necessary to scale it to the entire organization. Our platform allows you to get benefits from every flight and every drone.

Take control of your fleet

Fly where you want and what you want, avoiding misuse or unproductive use.

Get the most of the data.

Return to effectively autonomous drones. Station Pro allows you to integrate Computer Vision algorithms and Tensorflow trained networks to automatically process both in the cloud and in real time.

Process images locally or for a fraction of the cost

Install processing tools locally or process in our cloud at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Take remote control of the operation, setting flight paths, accessing images, live-videos and drone flight data, chat with the operators and remote commands.

Set Geofencing and Mapping.